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    3 Ways to AVOID BORING Spelling Reviews!

    #1 Shaving Cream Spelling Practice


    Last year I had my students practice their spelling words using SHAVING CREAM.

    For only $2 from the Dollar Tree, I had bought a top-notch spelling review activity.

    It’s AMAZING how confident students can be when they are having FUN.

    As we practiced our spelling words this way, I began to see my literacy-timid students forget all about their insecurities when it came to practicing their spelling words!

    In having so much fun, they were spelling words on their own I had never seen them spell before!


    If you’re thinking, “Oh my word, “I could never, it’s so MESSY!” Trust me when I say, “It’s SO WORTH IT!!!!

    Plus, thanks to the wonderful invention of paper towels, these kids had their desks all cleaned up within 5 minutes!

    I don’t know about your kids, but whenever I asked my students to clean something, you would have thought I just asked them if they wanted to go to Disney World!

    #2 Play Dough Mats


    Ever heard of Play Dough Mats?

    Well if you haven’t, now you have!!

    Your entire class is sure to get a kick out of this review activity, and your tactile learners will especially love you for letting them learn their spelling words by squishing playdough through their fingers at the same time.

    These play dough mats can be used in a variety of ways!

    Have students practice their spelling words using these mats…

    • in a whole group setting
    • in a small group setting
    • as a phonics activity
    • as a literacy center
    • or give them out as “take home & leave at home” homework practice!

    Grab Play Dough Mats FREEBIE here!

    #3 Testing Treats


    Be sure to provide your students with a stress-free environment when it comes to testing!

    What better way to get kids excited about taking their spelling tests than with a little test treat?!!

    In gifting your students with these simple treats, you are doing so much more than making your student’s smile because you’ve just given them free candy…

    You have told each and every one of your students that you love them by BELIEVING in them!

    You can get these treat tag printables here!

    And, last but not least, HANG IN THERE teacher friends!

    As many of you are in the thick of testing season, just hold on tight until the storm clears!

    In less than one short month you’ll be on SUMMER BREAK!!!!

    • Sleeping in (if you don’t have kids lol)…
    • Staying up late (past 7pm!!) watching movies…
    • Reading books you’ve wanted to read all year…(Speaking of teacher bookmarks…).
    • Vacationing to the beach or the mountains…

    In less than one short month, you’ll be LIVING IT UP!!! 😉

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