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    4 Ways to Make Your Classroom Library Irresistible

    bLOG 6 COVER.jpgInstill a Love of Reading In Your Classroom

    FUN FACT! Research has shown that kids love to read for TWO main reasons:

    • FOR FUN: Students have reported that reading transports them to another world that they get to create using their imagination. Next to aerobic exercise, reading is the most amazing workout for your brain!
    • FOR FACT: Students have also stated that reading gives them knowledge. Whether they are learning new vocabulary, new concepts, or a how-to-do project, reading helps to build essential skills they will use their entire lives.

    learning-164331_1280.jpgBONUS FACT!

    • Did you know that reading also REDUCES STRESS by lowering your heart rate??

    These 3 factors should encourage teachers everywhere to make the most of their classroom libraries!

    Follow these 4 Tips Below and you’ll be well on your way to making your classroom library positively irresistible to your students!

    1. Create an Enchanting Environment. The goal in designing an enchanting environment for your classroom library should be to make students feel a sense of excitement and wonder simply by looking at it.
    • What colors are being used? How do these colors make me feel? (Read About Colors and Their Psychological Meanings Here)
    • Is there a theme?
    • Are there chairs, cushions, pillows, and rugs that all say, “Come get cozy and get lost in a good book?”
    • What is the lighting of your reading nook like? Is your theme more of a bright, outside feel where you have all white light? Is your reading nook suggesting more of a homey feel where warm lighting lamps are needed?
    • How are your books organized? Is your library system easily accessible from a “grab and go” and a “returning” point?

    These are all essential questions to ask yourself when creating that irresistibly enchanting” atmosphere for your classroom library space.

    Check out these real-life examples!

    FullSizeRender (3).jpg
    Kristi from Teaching in the Tropics has done a FABULOUS job at making her classroom library absolutely enchanting! She’s got a poppin’ color theme, a comfy space where students can get lost in a book, an organized book system, and inspirational reading quotes that melt the stress of the school day away! View more of her wonderful ideas HERE! 🙂
    Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher has certainly made her classroom library irresistible! This simple, yet elegant color theme of teal and white is simply stunning. And look at all those comfy pillows! Her library books are organized and easily accessible to her students. This enchanting little library look is completed with the most beautiful natural lighting. You can keep up with Kristin and her many creative ideas HERE!

    If you are looking to create or redesign your classroom library, these two places offer wonderful inspiration!

    1. Say Hello to Book Buddies! 
    • Add what I call a, “charm feel” to your reading nook with Book Buddies!
    • Keep a Book Buddy Basket (Grab the Labels Here) somewhere in your classroom library.
    Book Buddy Example.png
    Dot the Giraffe – She was my students’ favorite Book Buddy! 🙂

    My students absolutely ADORED their Book Buddies! They loved to snuggle their Book Buddies while they read their books silently.

    Sometimes, I would even walk by and hear my kiddos reading out loud quietly to their Book Buddy (YAY for those reading fluency skills being practiced so naturally!).

    When it came to buying my Book Buddies, I loved finding huge stuffed animals, but any sweet looking stuffed animals will do just fine. I typically found the really big ones (shown in picture above) on sale right after Valentine’s Day.

    1. Play Hide and Seek Bookworm – A Library Game!
    • Get your students excited about reading!


    Students will love to know that while they are reading, they are also secretly looking for a bookworm. I designed this library game with the intention of it keeping up library engagement all year long.

    The duration of the game can of course be up to the teacher as it is a completely low-maintenance game. This library game requires very little prep work and upkeep on the teacher’s part, and students will never get tired of it!

    This game also comes with the cutest little Bookworm Reports that your kiddos will LOVE to practice their writing skills on (because it involves a prize!).

    Grab this Library Game Here and Learn How to Play!

    1. Give your students TIME to enjoy reading.
    • The school day is chaotic.
    • Students need a designated time during the day to enjoy their classroom library.
    • An easy way to provide them with this opportunity is to incorporate a Read-to-Self time (part of the Daily 5 Literacy Framework).


    Last year, I rotated my students daily (in their groups of 3-4) through a Read-to-Self station using our classroom library.

    Not only did each and every one of my students receive structured time to enjoy our classroom library, I saw their love for reading grow throughout the year. Our little library became everyone’s favorite place to go during break times!

    If you follow these 4 tips, your students won’t be able to resist using your classroom library!














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    Are You Choosing the Right Colors to Design Your Projects?


    Color Inspiration for Your Projects

    Ex Cover.png

    Did you know that color speaks?

    The COLORS you choose for your projects send psychological messages to your viewers before they ever read a word of your content.

    There are loads of articles on color theory, but if you’re looking for the nutshell version, look no further!

    Below is a list of my interpretations of color

    These interpretations are commonly associated with these colors.

    • BLACK: elegant, authoritative, sophisticated, trendy, and classy.
    • WHITE: pure, divine, perfection, clean, light, organized, and good.
    • GRAY: professional, modern, order, calming, sleek, and smooth.
    • RED: love, resilient, energy, and a call to action.
    • ORANGE: warm, harvest season, achievement, and attention-grabbing.
    • YELLOW: pure sunshine, full of energy, joy, and all things happy and fun.
    • GREEN: creative, natural, and has a sense of prosperity.
    • BLUE: calm, confident, determined, relaxing, and stress-free.
    • PURPLE: royalty, enchanting, luxurious, and free-spirited.
    • PINK: soft, sweet, compassionate, gentle, and kind.


    Personally, I tend to use a LOT of blue (teal), pink (blush), green (sage), black, and white in my teaching resources! Perhaps that is because these colors coincide with my personality.

    Notice the black, white, sage, blush, and tiniest hint of teal. I wasn’t kidding about those being my favorite colors!


    If you’re not sure what color to start with, any shade of BLUE will always be your best bet.


    Research has shown that people tend to tune into more products, news articles, photos, etc. when the color BLUE is the foremost color present.

    Blue is also the leading color of successful marketing (take Twitter and Facebook for example), the most common color in the world (no shock there as our planet is 70% ocean), and the answer to almost everything.

    • Teacherpreneurs: Want to start selling more products? Incorporate more blue into your covers.
    • College students: Want an A+ on that essay? Print it on blue paper (Just kidding, you might get an F+ if you use blue that way). BUT! You should absolutely use blue in those PowerPoints, Prezis, and other special projects your professors assign to you.
    • Moms: Want your kids to start knocking out that chore chart? Try ice-cream! If THAT doesn’t work, well, maybe try marking up that whiteboard in blue Expo markers??? 😉


    Still need more help picking the right colors for your projects?

    Do you struggle when deciding on what colors go together for your resources or projects?

    If you’ve answered, “yes,” to either of these questions, chances are you could use some “instant color theme” solutions in your life.

    If you haven’t discovered the magic of color palettes yet…


    Color palettes are my GO TO whenever I am seeking color inspiration for my teaching resources.

    Spring Floral.jpg
    A Color Palette from  my Spring Color Palette Collection
    Ex. Newsletter
    This February Newsletter was created using the Spring Color Palette above. Disclaimer: This is an example newsletter. Teachers everywhere know newsletters could never be this short. 😉


    With color palettes, you can design the perfect color theme for any project in an instant!

    Example Usage.JPG



    Get inspired with these free seasonal color palettes HERE!


    Become an expert at using color in your projects. Have fun designing!



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