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    3 Resource Must-Haves for TPT Sellers


    TPT Life Hacks So Easy You’ll Think You’re Cheating

    #1 Flat Pack for PowerPoint

    Did you know that simply turning a document into a PDF doesn’t make that document secure?

    99% of Sellers’ Terms of Uses (particularly clip artists) require that your products be in a secured format.

    Wait, what’s an unsecured PDF?

    An unsecured PDF is a PDF that you can still select an area, image, etc. from the PDF itself and copy and paste it somewhere else. You can automatically see the problem this presents for both you as a seller and a buyer.

    By uploading an unsecured document, two things have just happened:

    • As a seller, your work could potentially be stolen.
    • As a buyer, you’ve just violated someone else’s TOU if you used their clipart in your work, since now other people can use their images without having had to buy them.

    If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably read over a dozen articles on how to secure a PDF and the 20-30 steps this process requires.

    Creating a teaching resource and then uploading that resource used to take me absolutely forever when I had to secure my product in addition to all of that.


    A fellow TpTer told me about FLATPACK!!!

    WARNING: This resource is going to sound too good to be true, but it’s SO TRUE!!!

    Flat Pack for PowerPoint is the single best resource I have ever bought on TPT, created by TPT Seller: Bearwood Labs.

    Instead of going through half a million steps to secure my files, I click ONE BUTTON in the Flat Pack tab of my PowerPoint and…I’m done! Automatic secured file!

    While Flat Pack does a multitude of things, my favorite features are creating secured PDFs and secured editable PowerPoints all with the click of a button!

    As of right now, Flat Pack is only available for PCs, but Bearwood Labs is currently working on a version for Macs as well.

    It’s a little bit of an investment, but SO worth it!

    To hear more about how Flat Pack works, view my tutorial here!

    #2 TPT Description Editor PRO

    OLD TPT thought process when adding a description to a product:

    • “Okay, I need to make this product title bold in my description, so <strong>TITLE</strong>. And I want this link to go here so I need to input the code, <a title=…”

    NEW TPT thought process when adding a description to a product:

    • “Okay, this title needs to be bold, CLICK! This needs to be linked, CLICK!…”

    Bearwood Labs has made TPT life easier and better AGAIN with TPT Description Editor PRO.

    If you haven’t grabbed this resource from Bearwood Labs yet, don’t wait! This resource will have you singing Hakuna Matata with no product description worries for the rest of your days. 😉

    #3 Marketing Templates

    Last but not least…

    Marketing Templates

    Whether you’re new to TPT or you’ve been designing teacher resources for a while now, these marketing templates are sure to save you hours of work so you can get back to making your products!

    Instead of researching what the dimensions are for this and that, this resource includes 9 pre-made PowerPoint templates all ready for you to add your designs to.

    Quit wasting time trying to figure your layouts… Imagine how many MORE products you could create with all that extra time. More products = more $$!

    There you go! Three resources later, and you’re a more efficient TPT seller who has more time to make your products, eat pizza, take a bubble bath, or whatever it is you do to relax after you’ve worked all day.

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