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    Loving this Stay-at-Home Mama Stuff

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    Hello lovely readers!

    I want to take a second to reintroduce myself. My name is Hannah and I’m a former teacher who turned into a stay-at-home mama.

    My husband and I knew long ago that when we started to have kiddos, I would stay home with them as long as we were financially able to do so. God has taken such good care of us and enabled us to do just that!

    While staying at home raising a toddler, with another baby on the way, has certainly kept me on my toes these past couple of years, I do not have the type of personality that can be home all day without working creatively in some capacity.

    I struggled at first as a new mom, literally going crazy at all the free time I had after just coming off of teaching where you basically have zero free time. I prayed constantly that God would show me what else I could do to maintain my creative sanity while I stay at home for these next several years raising my kiddos.

    So, one of the areas of research I did to start out was pretty cliche, but incredibly helpful insight nonetheless…

    I took a personality test (the Passion Profile Quiz by Clarity on Fire).

    And what was my passion profile?

    A Firestarter! AKA someone who is a passionate business person, with a deep desire to create. This also happens to be one of the most difficult personalities to adjust to a stay-at-home mom life IF they’re not running a business or something on the side!

    Side note: If you need help discovering what your true passions are, I encourage you to take this quiz! It will definitely give you insight about yourself that will help you understand why you are the way you are!

    Once I had this information on the back burner of my mind, I began to look for online jobs that would give me the 100% flexibility I needed as a mama and 200% of the creative work I sought so desperately.

    And because prayer works (Matt. 7:7), God showed me two things:

    1. TeachersPayTeachers (my new digital creative outlet with 100% flexibility)
    2. @whitegardeniacompany (my new physical creative outlet with 100% flexibility)

    Both of these avenues have become beautifully creative, amazingly flexible side jobs I can do right from home.

    Bottom Line: If you’re a driven stay-at-home mama struggling to find a creative outlet or some type of side job, don’t give up!! There are so many options out there. With a little prayer, a lot of research, and even more prayer, you’ll find your passions; passions that may even lead to a little extra income for you and your sweet family.

    Best wishes to you in the new year!


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